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Top 8 Reasons to Move to Miami

said May 21st, 2015 Leave A Comment Jason Smith

There are so many reasons to live in Miami and the surrounding villages, towns, and cities. We thought we would give you our insight into the Best of South Florida Living. Jumping right in... 1. The weather, ah...our tropical weather is the envy of not only ‘Northerners” but most folk around the world. Confirmation with Wikipedia reveals, temperatures range from 68% F (20 C) in January and ranging from the mid 80’s to 90°F( 29-35° C) in our beloved summer. 2. The Southern tip...Continue Reading!

What is a “Smart Home”?

said May 21st, 2015 Leave A Comment Jason Smith

  There is a term being tossed around the real estate world entitled smart home? Does this mean your humble abode can to read and write? We think not… Today, we will examine a  21st-century feature that can be found in two of our homes for sale in Pinecrest. The links to these wto elegant homes will be noted below. Ok, down to business… A smart home is a residence equipped with lighting, heating/air conditioning in our case, and electronic devices that can be...Continue Reading!

Just Listed in “The Roads” by Adriana Mendez

said May 21st, 2015 Leave A Comment Jason Smith

      Ok, say it.. you have probably have heard these three words before… Location, Location, Location! In the world of real estate these simple words are the lid on the cookie jar, the icing on the cake and the olive in the martini all rolled into one. Let me explain. First of course, I will view this in the eyes of the buyer. Before I begin bare with me, as I set the scene. Imagine you work in downtown Brickell, the urban development...Continue Reading!

Local Miami-Dade Real Estate Market Update

said May 21st, 2015 Leave A Comment Jason Smith

  Each month we present to our readers an update on the real estate marketing in the Miami and Dade County areas. This past month we saw a  positive outlook for the real estate market in our neighborhood. Single digit growth year over year was at 10%. In March 2015, we saw 1249 single family homes sold compared to 1129 units in the prior year. Nationwide, March 2015 showed a national home sales increase of  6.1%. Condo sales also rose despite an...Continue Reading!

Our Newest Listing…Miami Beach Condo (South of 5th for under $600,000)…Yacht Club at Portofino

said May 21st, 2015 Leave A Comment Jason Smith

  When one thinks of Miami Beach, immediately the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and warm toasty sand under your feet come to mind. There are a rare few that have the luxury of living with these two features on their doorstep. To top this off, add the benefits of a fabulous location including: A marina that will enable you to dock your yacht Charter boat access for that fishing expedition Proximity to water sports including wave runners Easy access to local restaurants and...Continue Reading!

Coming Soon…New Construction “Smart” Home on Pinecrest Cul De Sac

said April 24th, 2015 Leave A Comment Jason Smith

Looking to reside close to Miami, and the exciting lifestyle she offers but still long for the peace and tranquility of a small village? If so, then Pinecrest is the suburban village for you and your family. Eleven miles south of Miami, in the Miami-Dade County, Pinecrest has a population just over 18,000 residents (according to the 2010 census). Pinecrest offers an excellent school system including two elementary schools, a middle school, and Miami Palmetto Senior High School. In addition, there are...Continue Reading!

Family Life In North Miami- Carefree Condo Living

said April 16th, 2015 Leave A Comment Jason Smith

Tired of caring for your single family home in South Florida? Grass to cut, landscaping to attend to and then of course there is the regular general maintenance. This all can be eliminated if you choose to live in a condominium. Removing these processes provides you with more leisure time and more importantly, valuable time to spend with your family. Now be under no illusion, you will still have to pay for the above services but the actual day to day, weekly...Continue Reading!

Just Sold in Ritz Carlton by ShowcaseMiami (Coconut Grove)

said April 14th, 2015 Leave A Comment Jason Smith

ANOTHER SOLD PROPERTY! Living in South Florida is at best, fascinating. There are numerous cultures and languages spoken. The weather, well that is a completely different post. A home in the Ritz Carlton in Coconut Grove is a dream come true. One could call Coconut Grove a village within a city (Miami). It is small, neatly designed and friendly. It is hip and chic at the same time. To begin with there are a myriad of things to do in Coconut Grove....Continue Reading!


said April 9th, 2015 Leave A Comment Jason Smith

Hi Jason, I saw where you announced the sale of the house. (Still think your pictures were incredible!!) Also, forgive the delay, but thank you for the bottle of wine. It was a very nice gesture on your part, certainly not necessary but well received. It was a pleasure on our end to work with you and your staff. I told you we would get this done with little to no effort and on our end, & I think we accomplished that. I'm glad it all...Continue Reading!

A Home On Hibiscus Island- Your Slice of Americana

said April 8th, 2015 Leave A Comment Jason Smith

Although, as a nation, we are few in years there is an area of Miami, Florida that is rich in history, intrigue and wonderment. A buyer, looking to purchase a house on Hibiscus Island is not only purchasing a home but a slice of old Americana. A bit of background on the quiet and demure Hibiscus Island, a man-made island, reclaimed from the Biscayne Bay back in 1922. Her sister Island, Palm Island was also resurrected at this time. The infamous...Continue Reading!